REVIEW: Space oddities by Sara L Hudson

Excerpt This is crazy. The cool metal of the outside of my Airstream trailer presses against me as Ian moves closer. This is stupid. His lips trail down my neck, his hands raising mine over my head. I’m pinned in place. This is so good. For months I’ve kept Ian at bay. Ignoring his flirting,Continue reading “REVIEW: Space oddities by Sara L Hudson”

REVIEW: I pucking love you by Pippa Grant (ARC)

Review Until now, I had only listened to books by this author, and I was afraid I wouldn’t laugh as much with the written words. I was mistaken. I snorted-laughed on a regular basis while reading this book. Back to a hockey romance this time–as it’s my favorite genre–with new or returning quirky characters likeContinue reading “REVIEW: I pucking love you by Pippa Grant (ARC)”

REVIEW: The subway girl by Lisa Becker

Excerpt Those catlike green eyes. That long, silky brown hair, flowing over her right shoulder from underneath a pink beanie. A radiant smile of straight, gleaming white teeth, lined up perfectly, sinking into a juicy magenta lip. Ryan Carlson looked up after offering his seat to an elderly passenger and knew his life had changedContinue reading “REVIEW: The subway girl by Lisa Becker”

REVIEW: Hasty by Julia Kent

Excerpt Today is the best day of my life. I know people say that, and they mean it, but they don’t mean this. My best day is better than anyone else’s. Trust me. I know. I’m sitting at a table at Essentialz, a five-star restaurant in San Francisco. Everyone at the table watches me asContinue reading “REVIEW: Hasty by Julia Kent”

REVIEW: The game by Sylvie Stewart

Excerpt I knew it was over before my shoulder even kissed the ground—before the crunch of metal and the burn of gravel registered in my brain and flesh. I heard nothing but the crack and pop of my bones, these sounds somehow isolated among what must have been an awful cacophony of scraping metal, squealingContinue reading “REVIEW: The game by Sylvie Stewart”

Feisty, by Julia Kent

Excerpt “Miss Fiona, Jahra picked her nose and fed it to the hamster.” Mattie Fletcher-Lingoni’s voice is even, calm, and perfectly blunt as he accurately recounts what I, too, just witnessed. No one in my master’s program in child development ever explained the proper procedure for handling preschool-aged children who feed boogers to classroom pets.Continue reading “Feisty, by Julia Kent”

The pilot and the puck-up, by Pippa Grant

Excerpt Coconuts are itchy. I should’ve gone for the watermelons. But it was a bitch and a half getting that last-minute private fitting at Madame Cosette’s anyway, and the woman probably would’ve had to stitch three bras together and then nail the damn contraption to my shoulders to get it to hold without losing aContinue reading “The pilot and the puck-up, by Pippa Grant”

Mourning wood, by Heather M Orgeron (ARC review)

Review Warning: you may die from all the swooning. Which can be disturbing, because the romance is surrounded by death. Let me explain. You won’t get too emotional about the various deaths in the story, because none of them concern the main characters–except past death, but you won’t get a lot of drama about it.Continue reading “Mourning wood, by Heather M Orgeron (ARC review)”

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