Blog post 04/19/21

What is it? Another update? Yep! I got a code for Devastating in a kilt by Anna Durand. I’m always okay with some Anna Durand, but when it’s narrated by Shane East and Emma Wilder, it’s even better. I’ve also bought Boss in the bedsheets by Kate Canterbary, and upgraded it to the audio version.Continue reading “Blog post 04/19/21”

Blog post 04/14/21

I got it! My Romance narrators gifts I won a while back, they finally arrived, and they’re great! Signed paperbacks from Karen Grey, Andi Arndt, Joe Arden and Erin Mallon, multiple audiobooks on CDs–including one signed by Virginia Rose–or codes, and lots of swag, notably a lip balm from Emma Wilder and a tumbler fromContinue reading “Blog post 04/14/21”

Blog post 04/13/21

I’ve just finished Worth a shot by Gail Haris, and I’ll write my review maybe later today, probably tomorrow… I’ve already signed up for the next books in the series, but I don’t know yet if I’ll get them. We’ll see! I won a code for Finding Elodie by Susan Stoker, and I’m thrilled. NarratedContinue reading “Blog post 04/13/21”

Blog post 11/23/20

Currently listening to Forget about me by Karen Grey, and it’s a delicious balance between light humor and tragedy, narrated by Emma Wilder and recently deceased Brian Pallino. What to expect: the audiobook mentioned above is my n°1 priority because I want to help promote Karen Grey’s work and thus I need to post myContinue reading “Blog post 11/23/20”

Blog post 05/13/20

Reviews: I’m caught up for now, yay! I also received another audiobook from Jill Ramsower–this one narrated by Teddy Hamilton–and it’s the first book of the same series as the other one. These walls can talk: Erin Mallon did more casting announcement. Audiobook narrators Joe Arden and Emma Wilder are to reprise their role. TheyContinue reading “Blog post 05/13/20”

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