REVIEW: Autumn night whiskey by Willow Winters (ARC)

Review Heartstrings aren’t meant to be pulled at like that. What an emotional read! Especially since the male characters get emotional too. Too often they have stunted feelings, and the alpha male trope gets tiring. Nothing like that here. I don’t want to give away any plot element, but the love triangle gets real here.Continue reading “REVIEW: Autumn night whiskey by Willow Winters (ARC)”

REVIEW: The faker by Gina Azzi (ARC)

Review That was definitely one of my favorite hockey romances. Both for the hockey part, and for the romance part. Regarding the hockey, though there wasn’t much happening on ice, there was a real immersion into the hockey world. How the championship works, the various stakes, and especially the end of a career. It wasContinue reading “REVIEW: The faker by Gina Azzi (ARC)”

REVIEW: The D- in 403B by Jess Bryant

Excerpt He was running. Screaming. But nobody tried to help him. The dog was right behind him now, so close he could feel its warm breath, feel the spittle flying from its mouth as it barked and snapped at his heels. He could see the back door of the house, a faded and peeling blueContinue reading “REVIEW: The D- in 403B by Jess Bryant”

REVIEW: Brit vs Scot by Anna Durand

Excerpt I have the worst luck on earth. If I flew to Mars, I’m sure my bad luck would outdo all those little green men and women over there too. How else would I end up with a brother who’s insane and impossible to understand, not to mention a best friend who’s the sexiest womanContinue reading “REVIEW: Brit vs Scot by Anna Durand”

REVIEW: Space oddities by Sara L Hudson

Excerpt This is crazy. The cool metal of the outside of my Airstream trailer presses against me as Ian moves closer. This is stupid. His lips trail down my neck, his hands raising mine over my head. I’m pinned in place. This is so good. For months I’ve kept Ian at bay. Ignoring his flirting,Continue reading “REVIEW: Space oddities by Sara L Hudson”

REVIEW: Worth a shot by Gail Haris (ARC)

Review For a debut novel, there sure were lots of good ideas–along with common mistakes and a handful of clichés. My favorite part was the very beginning–the meeting between Tori and Tristan. It was fun, cute, with an unexpected ending. I thought it would set the tone of the story, but it became much moreContinue reading “REVIEW: Worth a shot by Gail Haris (ARC)”

REVIEW: Overtime by Rebecca Barber (ARC)

Review I’m always down for a good sports romance, especially with real chunks of sports inside. Usually, it’s the physical part of sports–training and games–that is described. Here, it was the emotional part, I guess. This story focuses on Luca who’s about to retire, and how he feels about it. Ultimately, it’s about a guyContinue reading “REVIEW: Overtime by Rebecca Barber (ARC)”

REVIEW: Cocky cruiser by Nikki Sparxx (ARC)

Review I have mixed feelings about this book. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. I didn’t know the whole story about Adele Bateman though I already met her in the Cocky Hero Club universe. I knew about the drugs, I didn’t know about her sexual assault. Considering how it’s treated here, maybeContinue reading “REVIEW: Cocky cruiser by Nikki Sparxx (ARC)”

REVIEW: Call me crazy by Melanie Harlow

Excerpt There comes a day in a man’s life when he enters a room with hope in his heart and a ring in his pocket, fully prepared to get down on one knee. To pledge his eternal devotion. To take his soul mate’s hand in his and pop the question, promising to love, honor, andContinue reading “REVIEW: Call me crazy by Melanie Harlow”

REVIEW: We’re made of moments by Molly McLain (ARC)

Review I’ve been charmed. Totally seduced by Jesse–and this book. Not everything was perfect, and I actually have problems with some elements of the story, but I overall fell in love with this book. My favorite part is how there’s some role reversal between the male and the female character. The pining, some of theContinue reading “REVIEW: We’re made of moments by Molly McLain (ARC)”

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