NOW LIVE!!! Autumn night whiskey by Willow Winters is available!!! The day has finally arrived! Autumn Night Whiskey is LIVE!! The Tequila Rose duet from bestselling author Willow Winters is now complete! “This book gave me everything I wanted and more from this small town romance.” – Sarah, A Book Obsessed Brit⁣⁣⁣⁣ “Another amazing andContinue reading “NEW RELEASE: AUTUMN NIGHT WHISKEY by Willow Winters”

Blog post 04/19/21

What is it? Another update? Yep! I got a code for Devastating in a kilt by Anna Durand. I’m always okay with some Anna Durand, but when it’s narrated by Shane East and Emma Wilder, it’s even better. I’ve also bought Boss in the bedsheets by Kate Canterbary, and upgraded it to the audio version.Continue reading “Blog post 04/19/21”


NOW LIVE!!! Captain by D.M. Davis is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!! “EXCELLENT addition to this PHENOMENAL series!!!” – Amazon reviewer “This book is blow your mind perfection… I couldn’t get enough.” – Goodreads reviewer “This book is so much more than EVERYTHING! … the writing is just that good!” – Amazon reviewer Add toContinue reading “NEW RELEASE: CAPTAIN by D.M. Davis”


NOW LIVE!!! Until Rex by Shaw Hart is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!! “Full of passion, love, sweetness, and just the right amount of angst. This story will steal your heart and make you swoon… Easy 5 stars!” – Fun Under the Covers “WHAT AN AMAZING BOOM! PERFECTION! Rex and Emilia’s story wasContinue reading “NEW RELEASE: UNTIL REX by Shaw Hart”

REVIEW: Autumn night whiskey by Willow Winters (ARC)

Review Heartstrings aren’t meant to be pulled at like that. What an emotional read! Especially since the male characters get emotional too. Too often they have stunted feelings, and the alpha male trope gets tiring. Nothing like that here. I don’t want to give away any plot element, but the love triangle gets real here.Continue reading “REVIEW: Autumn night whiskey by Willow Winters (ARC)”

Blog post 04/18/21

So, a lot happened since yesterday’s blog post… First, I won a code for Spite club by Julie Kriss, a new to me author. And I signed up for two ARCs: My reward by Jennifer Hanks, and Open lanes by Mary Morano. They’re also both new to me, but the blurb interested me. I requestedContinue reading “Blog post 04/18/21”

REVIEW: The faker by Gina Azzi (ARC)

Review That was definitely one of my favorite hockey romances. Both for the hockey part, and for the romance part. Regarding the hockey, though there wasn’t much happening on ice, there was a real immersion into the hockey world. How the championship works, the various stakes, and especially the end of a career. It wasContinue reading “REVIEW: The faker by Gina Azzi (ARC)”

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