Talk dirty to me, by London Hale

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Late night phone calls can never replace her touch. Too bad she doesn’t know who I am
Kate, the mayor of Temperance Falls, has a naughty little secret. Except I’m not so little and a hell of a lot more than just naughty. A year of weekly phone calls with our identities disguised has left me craving more. Being together could ruin everything she’s worked for, but there’s no turning back. Now that we’ve actually met, now that I’ve had a taste, nothing will stand in my way of making her mine.


If anyone had told me a year ago that watching a meeting of the Temperance Falls town council on the public access channel would get me hard, I’d have laughed in their face. One phone call, one life-changing move, and I wasn’t laughing anymore. But I was hard. Hard enough to wish I could tear my eyes away from the screen and go rub one out. I didn’t want to miss a second of this, though.

On the television, the mayor of Temperance Falls stood at a podium in the council room. Her blond hair hung straight, not quite touching her slim shoulders, and she had her glasses on. The same ones that featured in just about every fantasy I had.

“The proposed mixed-use facility would offer inexpensive housing options for residents, office space for small businesses, and a retail base that can bring more revenue to the island, while supplying much-needed jobs in our community.”

Fuck, the woman was hot when she got all naughty-professor. She was also way more than just her looks. She was strong and sure, completely in command of the room. She spoke to the people sitting around her with a confidence I practically panted for. The woman was a rock star in the local political scene because of her beauty, but her mind was the real gem. That and her always-in-control attitude drew me to her. Well, and her sexy-as-fuck voice. It all came down to her voice.

Some stuffy old guy in a tweed sport coat to her right leaned forward, grabbing the mic in front of him. “From the plans provided, the population density in that area will quadruple. The island itself will increase at least fifteen percent. Do you really think our infrastructure can handle that?”

Oh yeah, her infrastructures could handle anything. I snuck in a cock adjustment as Kate seemed to take a moment to collect her thoughts. Here it came— the moment I’d been waiting for. Assertive Kate was about to shift to Aggressive Kate. My girl was going to tear his ass apart, and I was likely about to come in my sweats listening to her do it.


I came for the premise–a younger man with an older woman meeting through phone sex? yes please. But I stayed for the steam! It was kind of expected with a male character who starts as a phone sex worker, but I wasn’t expecting THAT hot. And still, what I enjoyed the most about their intimate scenes was the power play–how the powerful woman gave away the control to the younger man–and how sex was used to comfort and reassure each other. It was never just sex.

The conflict that threatens their relationship is obvious, but I was a bit disappointed that it was kind of downplayed. Sure Kate resists a long time because she knows being in a relationship with a much younger man puts her career at risk, but nothing really happens in that front, even though it’s a very real possibility.

The small town element is also mostly ignored when it could really put an end to that kind of forbidden relationship.

Looking for a very sexy book with real feelings? Look no further.


  • Series: Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #3 (can be read as a standalone, related to other Temperance Falls books/series)
  • Hashtags: #forbidden romance #small town romance #younger man #older woman #woman of power #phone sex worker #firefighter #secret relationship
  • Triggers: N/A
  • Main couple: Kate Briscoe & Riley Nash
  • Hotness: 5/5
  • Romance: 3/5
  • + that’s one hot sizzling book, and a bit more than pure erotica
  • I didn’t care much for the huge leap before the epilogue, I’d have liked to see more of them

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